Monday, June 4, 2007

Three weeks to go!

Well, since I've been home, I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about Brazil. Sure, I sent in for (and received, thankfully) my VISA, finished all of the paperwork and finalized many of my predeparture plans, but mainly, I've been working. Yes, I know, me?, working!? haha, I know, I know, that's all I ever do, but I like to stay busy ok? So, let me be. When I came home I right away started substitute teaching every day for the last three weeks. I taught elementary, middle, and high school kids, AND the out of school suspension and expelled students. they had me go everywhere. Many days, when I got done teaching, I would go and waitress at the country club, which I LOVE! :) I have a great time there. So, with all that money, I've successfully paid for my plane ticket already, and now I'm hoping to start paying off my bills from buying my bridesmaid dress and all the accessories and bills that go along with being in my brother's wedding. The wedding is in just under three weeks, and I leave two days after that. (I leave in exactly three weeks from today). It's really snuck up on me. I finally went shopping yesterday to get some light clothes and a bathing suit. The suit will be helpful considering I'll be near the beach!!! :D When I got my VISA on Saturday, it made things seem a lot more final. I'm really going! But, with all the excitment, I realize that I'm pretty nervous too....but more excited than anything, I think! So, here begins the three week countdown......

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ZackC said...

Awesome Erin, less than two weeks to go for you - a bit more than two weeks to go for me. Glad ya got everything settled, I had to actually go to Chicago to apply for and pick up my visa (thankfully only one trip).

Have fun and take care,