Friday, June 15, 2007

10 days!

The countdown continues! Only 10 days until I leave. 10 days! I thought I told myself that I would start packing and organizing things two weeks before I leave.. yeah right. Like I actually did that. If my bro's wedding wasn't two days before I leave I think I would just wait until then to pack, but considering that I'll be unavailable that day, I should get a move on. I really need to learn to kick my own butt so I can get more things accomplished when I say I want them done. Well folks, I know you're holding your breath waiting for me to leave. That could be a good thing because you're excited to see pictures, or it could be bad meaning that you can't wait until I get out of here. Hey now, that's not nice. :) Since the last post, not a whole lot new has happened. I've continued to work at the country club and spend a lot of time with my family, which is always nice. My dress is almost done for the wedding, just a few more adjustments and then we'll be good to go. And now, I've gotten a little more informed about Brazil and got a small refresher on Portuguese thanks to some movies I got from the library and some of my old Portuguese books from classes I took. Man, I hope they help. Though, I'm still expecting complete confusion and astonishment when I arrive. I know I can't learn enough to fully prepare me, but I figure every bit helps. Alright fans, that's all for now.

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Amy said...

Thanks for starting the blog Erin, we're looking forward to hearing lots of good stories about your trip. It was good to see you last night and we'll see you again at Craig's wedding!