Monday, July 2, 2007

Salvador minha amor

I´m hhhheeeeerrrrrrreeeee! I arrived in Salvador, Brazil on Tuesday, and have been having a wonderful time. I met my host mom *my host sister will arrive on July 10th* and she is wonderful. She´s such a sweetie and is helping me find my way around by giving me a few directions and sending me off on my own. haha. It´s helping me find my own way though. Of course, she makes sure I´m safe, but gives me the directions so I can learn. It´s good. I´ve been doing a lot...going to the beach, walking around the city, etc. I also went to a club the other night...very fun! I danced with some Brazilians and they taught me a traditional dance called Forro. It was neat. Today I went to a part of the city called Pelourinho where we saw a parade and party in celebration of Bahia´s (the state) independence day. it was so neat! Lots of singing, dancing, music, costumes, and capoeira. If you don´t know what capoeira is, it´s an afro-brazilian dance that´s really interesting. google it. Anyhow, bottom line, I love Brazil, and I love Salvador! I´m having a blast. I can´t write much now, but I´ll update again hopefully soon. I´m a little limited on the internet use. Love to all,


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Amy said...

So glad to see that you arrived safely and are immersing yourself already! Have tons of fun!